Will graphic designer's evolve design?

by Fred Showker

Design Indaba Superstars

Design Indaba

I didn't make it to "Design Indaba" but from reading the press, it was a fantastic gathering of graphic design illuminaries from all over the world. You can pick up lots and lots of info and visuals at the Design Indaba Magazine, and be sure to check out the "superstars" section. Herman Manson covers a great presentation by Dana Arnett, a founding principal and CEO of VSA Partners. (Client list : Harley-Davidson, IBM, General Electric, Coca-Cola and Nike, among others!)

Manson asks: How do you think social media is impacting on graphic design? In the newspaper world info graphics seem to be on the up as newspapers try to condense information (as social media often does).

Arnett replies:

Quoting  begins Your question, while relevant, reminds me a similar question I was asked years ago... "Will the Macintosh computer kill graphic design?" In my experience, medias and mediums have, and will, always evolve. Just as the Mac has become an indispensable part of design, so too will many forms of social media. Afterall, the use of the "social" proceeding "media" is already becoming dated. There will be plenty of bigger and better opportunities for graphic design as the digital age progresses...the question is, "Will graphic designers evolve design?". Quoting  ends

You should go and read the whole article!
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