INTERVIEW: Ryan Michael Kelly

by Fred Showker

Ryan Michael Kelly

INTERVIEW: Renowned Photographer Ryan Michael Kelly

AT ONLY 25 YEARS OF AGE, Ryan Michael Kelly is making a big stir in the realm of fashion photography. Already, the young photographer has snapped pics for clients inlcuding Men's Vogue, Vanity Fair Italia, Bloomingdales, Theory, Ann Taylor and more. Look for big things from Ryan as his career progresses.

magazine shots by Ryan Michael Kelly

I wanted to be a painter, but
Ryan comments:

Quoting  begins Music is huge, but I collect a lot of books, magazines; it’s kind of a disease. I have multiple scrap books and files of images, thousands of magazines. I tend to over saturate myself with visuals all the time. But inspiration can really come from anywhere. Movies, the news, a conversation, a memory and best of all collaborations of the like minded! Quoting  ends

portrait shots by Ryan Michael Kelly

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