Printing Code: Programming and the Visual Arts, Rune Madsen at Heroku's Waza 2013

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker presents a wonderful video from Rune Madsen What about the future of art. Will computers take over an ever increasing role in art, design and photography? I'm betting the human touch always has to be there for meaning to be communicated. What do you think?

We've already celebrated paintings painted by monkeys, photographs taken by robots in outer space, lithographs created by insects crawling across a printing plate. What's next?

Here we meet Rune Madsen, who introduces us to the concept of computer code writing art, producing the files, printing the files, deleting the files, and then deleting their own source code. This is one-time-only art generated completely by software code. It's a concept-time-has-come and many will pishaw the notion. But remember that someone had to write the code. So, even if it's a code warrior as opposed to a designer or illustrator or artist, it still communicates some vision, or some emotion that the programmer built into that code.

This is a hugly interesting prospect -- and in this video featuring Rune presents information, including graphic design background -- that is essential watching for graphic designers. . .

Rune's show hanging

After the video, to have the most fun with this, I recommend you cruise on over and visit Rune's web site where you'll be introduced to some of his works, and some of his code.

Rune Madsen took to Heroku's Waza 2013 stage to present, "Printing Code: Programming and the Visual Arts."

Rune Madsen is a computational artist working in the fields of programming and graphic design. His work includes both physical and digital projects ranging from print design and gallery installations to data visualizations, online new media and interactive visuals for performers. A former developer for the New York Times, he's currently doing R&D projects for O'Reilly Media, while teaching graduate classes at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. Ping Rune at @runemadsen. on vimeo

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Fred Showker

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