Privacy First Initiative

by Staff

first Initiative (PFI)A leading mobile application analytics, monetization and promotion service provider called "Flurry" has announced its Privacy First Initiative (PFI), aimed at increasing consumer privacy standards in mobile application data collection and targeting. PFI combines a set of product features and usage guidelines to be included in Flurry Analytics and AppCircle services, which provides consumers visibility into collected data and control over how this data is used for targeting and product recommendations.

Over 28,000 companies have integrated Flurry Analytics and AppCircle into more than 40,000 applications across iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and J2ME. These developers use analytics to better understand and segment their audiences, as well as improve their applications. PFI seeks to further these goals without compromising consumer privacy.

Simon Khalaf, president and chief executive officer of Flurry, Inc. said

Quoting begins PFI is the result of months of consultation with customers and partners as well as a review of privacy standards in similar industries ... PFI's white hat approach to data collection and visibility into audience targeting goes a long way to ease consumer privacy concerns. Nothing is done without the consumer's knowledge, or without the chance for a consumer to stop data collection. Quoting ends

flurry, Inc. Privacy First Initiative (PFI) PFI translates into a set of developer requirements and product features for Flurry Analytics and Flurry AppCircle including:

  • Simple, readable 'Terms of Service' language for Analytics and AppCircle products, which must be included as part of each application's Terms of Service or Privacy Policy and accessible before the application is installed and launched;
  • An opt-out switch which must be included as part of each application's settings, which will prevent any data from being sent to Flurry when activated;
  • A data deletion button which must be included as part of each application's settings, which will delete any data in Flurry's system for that unique device ID;
  • An information button on any targeted AppCircle ads, which explains what data is used for advertising targeting and then gives the user the ability to opt-out or delete the data;
  • A clear data retention policy, including the deletion of all raw data after a period of time has elapsed;
  • Geographic data obfuscation: Flurry won't be sending or accepting geographic data granular enough to place a device more precisely than its metropolitan area PFI features will be added to Flurry's iPhone OS versions of Analytics and AppCircle in summer 2010.

GO Privacy First Initiative FAQs: Flurry_PFI_FAQ_051310.pdf

Recently merged with Pinch Media, Flurry is among the largest smartphone application analytics and monetization platforms in the world, now tracking more than 80% of all consumers across iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices. Each month, Flurry tracks over two billion end user sessions per month across iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and J2ME devices. Flurry Analytics, its flagship service, is designed to help developers make better applications to increase retention and grow revenue. Flurry AppCircle is designed to help developers promote and monetize applications. Flurry is venture backed with offices in San Francisco and New York. For more information, please visit Flurry online.

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