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by Fred Showker

This summer I'm faced with putting a new roof on the house. Roofers come and are immediately baffled at how to estimate the number of shingles required -- a task that normally takes mere moments finding the area to be covered in square feet. That's out the window however because the house I built 30 years ago happens to be a geodesic dome.


So, while calculating the surface areas of the roofs to be shingled, I ran across Blaine Hilton's excellent WebCalc web site! It helped me solve all the math required to get estimates.

The site began in 2002 as a hobbie in programming. The calculator started as a Visual Basic project, but grew to over 500 functions. Rather than selling it, Blaine decided to provide the content for free. So we all have access to this wonderful little web site!

At the Calculator page you can utilize dozens of pre-defined Math and Algebra calculators including the Pythagorean Theorem, Cubic Equations, Quartic Equation, Greatest Common Factor, Greatest Common Divisor (GCD), Least Common Multiplier (LCM), Parabola (Quadratic) Grapher. Additionally you can solve just about any Geometry problem you encounter... What kind of triangle?, Perimeter, Square, Rectangle, Regular Polygon, Triangle, Circumfrence of a circle, Area, Rectangle (Square too), Circle, and many others. It's superb.

NOTE Click: http://www.webcalc.net/menu.php

There are also many business and financial functions provided from simple interest calculations to value, averages and others. The Science menu offers Physics, Chemistry, Rocketry, Electronics, Astronomy, Weather / Meteorological, and Engineering Calculators.

If you're building or planning some home remodeling, try the "Around the House" menu...
NOTE Click: http://www.webcalc.net/aroundthehouse.php

If you get bored, you just click the Fun & Games Menu and play some classic online games like Dice Roller, Tic Tac Toe, Battleship, Button Mania, Connect Four, Hanoi, Ants, Math Quiz, Reflex Test, Hangman: Countries & Cities, Breakout, Snake, Shift-It, Peg, Mind-Reader, and Mazes. It's amazing.

NOTE Click: http://www.webcalc.net/funandgames.php

To say Thank You to Blaine Hilton for providing such an important and spam-free service, visit Blaine's Business Services, Inc. at www.blaineonbusiness.com. Check out the blog which contains some valuable content for anyone in business!

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Fred Showker

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