Are you being held hostage by Adobe? InDesign? No more!

by Fred Showker

InDesign converter One of the worst things that happens to graphic designers is the dreaded "Version Racketeering." I don't know who first coined that phrase, but the Title 15 of the U.S. Federal Code defines racketeering as engaging in such practices as extortion. Racketeering legislation came into being as a result of someone forcing someone else to pay money to avoid something unpleasant, harm or punishment. Version racketeering says ... "pay us money by upgrading or we won't let you open this file." For years, Adobe and Microsoft have been the chief extortionists in the software industry, but many others practice it as well. I often thank Barebones Software for BBEdit, because it opens most all files, and GraphicsConverter because it opens any image file. No such luck for Adobe InDesign extortion though . . . until now!

Markzware has been around in the desktop publishing industry almost as long as I have, and chances are they've been held hostage by Adobe nearly as many times as I have. I almost never upgrade until 18 months to two years later. And, I won't be upgrading past CS6 at all. Markzware has invented an InDesign plugin, that opens higher versions of .indd files in lower versions of Adobe InDesign. How sweet is that!

MarkzTools for InDesign is an InDesign plugin that will allow users to open a higher version of an Adobe InDesign document in a lower version. For instance, an InDesign CS6 user of MarkzTools for InDesign can open an InDesign CC (Creative Cloud) or CC 2014 document. MarkzTools for InDesign takes the guesswork out of working with Adobe InDesign documents created in varying versions and releases. This includes InDesign CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, and CC 2014.

According to Mary Gay Marchese, public relations for Markzware

Quoting  begins MarkzTools will show previews of missing images in converted files, whereas IDML files will show a gray box. This feature can be useful by allowing people to see more of what the original file looked like Quoting  ends

Like the fans of Markzware's other document translation and conversion tools, graphics professionals will find MarkzTools for InDesign to be remarkably simple to use. A simple click on "Convert InDesign Document" in the MarkzTools menu prompts the file conversion. Users can also use the standard Command-O function within Adobe InDesign to initiate document conversion.

MarkzTools for InDesign requires a Mac OS X 10.6.8 – 10.10 operating system, and one of the following Adobe InDesign host applications: Adobe InDesign CS6 Mac, Adobe InDesign CS5.5 Mac, or Adobe InDesign CS5 Mac

Markzware's MarkzTools for InDesign is available via the online Markzware MarkzTools page (). The Subscription Bundle is immediately available and entitles users to use MarkzTools for InDesign for a full year from purchase date. Prior to the end of the year's subscription, Markzware's Loyalty Program will prompt users to renew their subscriptions at a discounted rate.

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Now you'll no longer be held hostage by InDesign. Thanks for reading

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Markzware, a privately held company based in Santa Ana, California, is the leading developer of quality assurance, data conversion, and workflow solutions for the international graphic arts, printing, publishing, and digital multimedia industries. Markzware B.V., located in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, is the company's headquarters for activities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. And, in case you've been living under a rock for the past 25 years, Adobe and InDesign are trademarks registered to and owned by the Adobe company.

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