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Firetask for MacIndependent developer Gerald Aquila and award-winning designer Wolfgang Bartelme have released Firetask for Mac. The new desktop version complements its mobile counterpart Firetask for the iPhone and iPod touch and is geared towards professionals, creatives and managers who need to enter, manage and delegate up to a hundred or more tasks every day. As such, it is heavily optimized for keyboard control while providing a clear and visually attractive overview of all relevant tasks across different project task lists.

Like its mobile counterpart, Firetask for the Mac combines concepts from David Allen's innovative Getting Things Done (GTD) approach with practical elements of classical task management such as due dates and priorities. Firetask's strengths include its unique and focused "Today" screen showing both upcoming due tasks and relevant next tasks in a single view as well as its practical "Waiting For" list that makes it easy to keep track of delegated tasks. Unlike other task management applications for the Mac, Firetask explicitly organizes tasks into projects and supports the user with a well-balanced overview of all open tasks across projects in its Today and category-based overviews.

Firetask for the Mac syncs wirelessly with its iPhone or iPod

Firetask for the Mac syncs wirelessly with its iPhone or iPod touch counterpart over local WiFi networks. The user interface of the mobile version was recently redesigned in order to become as consistent as possible with the new desktop version. Both user interfaces are designed to be highly visual and easy to use. Beside its colorful set of category icons, users typically like Firetask's clear use of indicator icons that improve the clarity of task list overviews without overloading them.

For the initial public version, the creators of Firetask have focused on the essentials such as quick task entry, clarity of the user interface and effective management of project-oriented task lists. Extensive support for drag & drop as well as the ability to search for tasks are features that are planned to be released in the form of free updates over the next few months.

In the green spirit, Firetask is available as a digital-only distribution for download from the Firetask website for a free 15-day test drive. Firetask for Mac requires Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.x) and can be purchased though the Firetask online store for $49 (USD) and EUR 44 (including VAT) respectively.

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