Creative Graphic Design: Sagmeister Happy Show, Design for Good, Awards and more

by Fred Showker

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'Revel on the Block' promotes creativity, community and local business

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The community will unite to get in touch with its creative side and celebrate the power of great urban design July 27 at the second "Revel on the Block" celebration.
      Local agencies Cadence, C&I Studios and helium creative, in partnership with the FAT Village Arts District, will host the event in coordination with the monthly FAT Village Art Walk at Northwest First Avenue between Fifth and Sixth streets in Fort Lauderdale.
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Trust me, you're not a graphic designer

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What we are saying is that many people overlook the importance of hiring a professional graphic designer because they have the opinion that graphic design seems relatively simple, especially with so many "off-the-shelf" design templates available.
      In reality, professional graphic designers are highly trained and educated artists who generally have a fine arts degree or other exceptional art background or skill, and they combine their gift of being an artist with an understanding of how to use the power of extremely advanced software to create visual brilliance.
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Stefan Sagmeister's The Happy Show Is at the Chicago Cultural Center

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Graphic design superstar Stefan Sagmeister was in Chicago last week setting up his exhibit The Happy Show at the Chicago Cultural Center, and he brought his monkeys with him.
      Two giant white inflatable primates popped up in Millennium Park on Friday afternoon and antagonized passersby, as monkeys tend to do, with signs that read, "EVERYBODY THINKS THEY ARE RIGHT." Two more monkeys fill the fourth-floor gallery of the Cultural Center, heralding Sagmeister's exhibition on the topic of happiness, that ever elusive emotion.
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