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by Fred Showker

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Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration Recently we've had an "adult coloring" thread going, looking at all aspects of grown-up coloring books. Of course with the adult coloring fad, the app developers would jump in on the act. So, here we'll take a look at several apps for your mobile device that simulate real-world coloring.

Colorit - Coloring book for adults free

coloring books for adults

Colorit is an outstanding coloring App. It is each easy use and providing your unique paints. Simply just touch each section and it will fill in the area with the color you want. With 80 free colors, and nine different brushes, you can create more fine arts. “Zoom in” and “Zoom out” helps to color the tiny area become much easier.
      Now, choose your favorite pattern, start your art creation and sharing with your friends.
Here's the Full Story Full story : Colorit By Yateland
way cool designs to color Here is a screen capture

ColorDiary: Secret Garden Coloring Book for Adults

coloring books for adults

Do you remember the peace and relaxation you felt when coloring as a child? Lost in an imaginary world of pictures and colors, nothing mattered but designing your new creation. Why can’t you have that as an adult, too?
      For adults, coloring is shown to relax, reduce stress, and clear the mind from the clutter of life. Don’t let kids have all the fun. It’s time to incorporate coloring into your relaxation routine.
Here's the Full Story Full story : App Labs ColorDiary
way cool designs to color Here is a screen capture

Colour Therapy: An Adult Colouring Book

coloring books for adults

Start to relax with this free anti-stress colouring book for adults. Each detailed illustration in this collection has been carefully crafted so that even amateur artists can enjoy the satisfaction of creating something of exceptional beauty.
      You can use this colouring app in two ways: either tap an area of the screen to apply block colour or use the pen tool to create free-flowing lines, shading and swirls.
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way cool designs to color Here is a screen capture

ColorRemix: Adult Coloring Book

coloring books for adults

Coloring therapy now on your mobile! This interactive app takes you on a ramble through a secret scene created in drawing. The world of the Colorfy is both inspirational and beautiful.
      Let the colors fill your mind in a relaxing painting experience. Time flies by and problems fade away while you chill out and have fun ~ Lots of beautiful Skulls and Flora to color ~ 4 Different Color Schemes ~ Unique Gradient Color
Here's the Full Story Full story : FuJun Liu -- ColorRemix: Adult Coloring Book
way cool designs to color Here is a screen capture

World Mandalas: Colouring for Mindfulness: art therapy adult colouring book for mindfulness, stress-relief, relaxation and well-being

coloring books for adults

Discover the key to calm with these intricate circle designs and free unlimited colour wheel. Colour with your finger—using free-draw or fill—and save to your wallpaper or share.
      A BASIC GUIDE TO COLOURING helps get your creative juices flowing, AN INTRODUCTION TO MANDALAS explains this popular aid to relaxation
Here's the Full Story Full story : World Mandalas: Colouring for Mindfulness: By
way cool designs to color Here is a screen capture

Colors : A coloring book for adults

coloring books for adults

A relaxing experience with beautiful images to color - for free. It's a secret therapy to forget your troubles and meditate with mandalas Spend a quick break or in for a long time, your choice.
      Beautiful images of florals and mandals ~ A soothing color palette ~ Easy to use, tap to fill ~ Frame it or share with friends.
Here's the Full Story Full story : Rekha Agrawal -- Colors
way cool designs to color Here is a screen capture


GO Color Therapy : 40 Excellent coloring pages to color your way to good health!
GO National Coloring Book Day : something for everyone to relax, color and enjoy
GO 64 Mandala coloring pages get you started in the art of soothing coloring therapy
GO Color and Art Therapy for Grown Ups -- Makes Anyone an Artist

GO We really love Apps of All Kinds

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