Publishing Update : Smart Publishers

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Publishing Update An overflow this month presents essential info from the hardware side of publishing to improving your writing! This issue is two pages on the publishing scene:
* 10 tips for migrating technical content from print to digital
* What happens when a newspaper is just another digital voice?
* Today, printers. Tomorrow, 'integrated peripherals'?
* The chart that explains media's addiction to print
* Why don't associations publish more e-books?
* Newspapers Cut Days From Publishing Week
* 10 ways to improve your writing today
* Guide to Great Learning Videos
* Newspapers: who needs 'em?
and more ...

10 ways to improve your writing today

Your prolix prose isn't holding readers' interest, says Ann Wylie of Wylie Communications. Your lengthy sentences are pythons that loop themselves into knots. They drag subordinating conjunctions around. You are backed into thoughts by passive verbs.
      Wylie urged communicators at Ragan's Corporate Communicators Conference this week to write simply, even if your audience comprises Harvard professors and MacArthur geniuses.
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Guide to Great Learning Videos

Shooting video is easy, right? Find a subject matter expert, turn the camera on, and press record. If only it was. Like any form of effective communication, good video that is both easy to understand and remember takes time and skill to craft.
      If video is new to you, here are important principles to follow when creating a learning video, as well as practices that will ensure your video looks professional.
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Why don't associations publish more e-books?

Ebooks have been in the news lately. A Department of Justice antitrust case is pending against Apple for price-fixing ebooks. On Monday, Microsoft and Barnes & Noble announced they're creating a subsidiary to compete in the digital reading market with Amazon and Apple. Andy Lees, a Microsoft president, said during the press conference, 'Clearly, we are on the cusp of a digital-reading revolution.'
      Are associations part of this revolution? I'd like to think so, it seems like a no-brainer for content providers, but ASAE's store lists only four ebooks among its 148 digital products -- the rest are PDFs.
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Newspapers: who needs 'em?

You don't read good news about the news industry every day. But the April/May edition of the American Journalism Review featured an article about the American media that was full of optimism.
      The piece was by Paul Steinle and Sara Brown, who have just published a full-length report about the American newspaper business based on visits to 50 papers across all 50 US states.
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Today, printers. Tomorrow, 'integrated peripherals'?

With less office printing going on, printers are struggling to redefine themselves.
      Out went 42 aging black and white copiers with interface boxes that let them serve as printers. In went 42 new networked multi-function printers (MFPs) that could do color printing and copying and scan directly to e-mail, fax or files. And the owner, the Park Hill School District in Kansas City, MO, saves $19,000 yearly.
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