QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign CS6

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QuarkXPress to InDesign CS6Markzware has added Q2ID for CS6 (InDesign plugin to convert QuarkXPress to InDesign CS6) to their extensive line of plugins for data conversion and preflight technology for Adobe® InDesign®, QuarkXPress® and Microsoft Publisher®. Markzware Q2ID v6 for Mac supports Adobe InDesign CS6 on the Macintosh platform

QuarkXPress to InDesign CS6

Mary Gay Marchese, public relations for Markzware said

quoting Markzware has always focused on developing solutions that meet the needs of printing and creative professionals. We want to cut to the chase and enable our customers to continue to have the superior file conversion from quick, efficient Quark to Adobe InDesign, while staying current with the important releases from Adobe with CS6 end quote

Q2ID eliminates the need to recreate the contents of a QuarkXPress file within Adobe InDesign and the latest version, Q2ID for CS6, has been seamlessly integrated with the latest release of Adobe InDesign CS6.

Bob Hoot, Hoot Communications said,

quoting I have been aware of Markzware for years and owned FlightCheck and PM2Q years ago and have kept track of new products. I like using their conversion product, Q2ID for short form materials such as ads. Q2ID is indispensable for the designer making the change from Quark to InDesign. I am unaware of anything else available that works as well. I have been converting whole publications of 56 pages or more with only minor oversets. Q2ID has been a lifesaver. end quote

Q2ID for CS6 key features:

  • Support for Adobe InDesign CS5, CS5.5 and now Adobe InDesign CS6
  • Convert QuarkXPress 9 and under to Adobe InDesign CS6
  • Accurate conversion: Markzware Q2ID for CS6 for Mac maintains the layout of the Quark document to convert QuarkXPress to InDesign CS6, including appropriately converting paragraphs, tables, graphics and other object property information

Self-employed graphic designer, Sharon Lill said:

quoting I would most definitely recommend Q2ID to any creative professional. Time is money and my time is too valuable to recreate the wheel, so to speak. All the hard work that goes into your Quark documents can be saved and translated into InDesign CS6. Q2ID from Markzware is a 10 in my book. end quote

Q2ID for InDesign CS6 is available immediately at the Q2ID Store online. You can obtain the system requirements for, as well as purchase, this InDesign plugin through the Q2ID product page.

Q2ID for InDesign CS6 Mac

Markzware, a privately-held company based in Santa Ana, California, is the leading developer of printing quality control, data conversion and workflow solution products for the international graphic arts, printing and digital multimedia industries.

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