Graphic Elements and Illustration

by Fred Showker

Ingram Publishing's new Graphic Elements and Illustration clip art collectionI don't normally talk about clip art collections. Back in the late '90s the clip art scene became so inbred with profiteers there was no use even showing them around. Then with the web, the art hawkers brandish an awful epidemic of horrible traps like hookers at a cowboy rodeo. So, when Shauna Scott sent me this collection, I said "Oh no! Not another vector clip art collection!" Fortunately, what I discovered is a rare collection of knock-out vector art that definitely deserves a serious look. Ingram Publishing has put a new collection with over 5,000 immensely usable, varied and skilfully drawn EPS vectors right at your fingertips.

with simple line work, or extreme color layouts this collection rocks

Graphic Elements and Illustration, the latest release from Ingram Publishing, is the direct result of feedback gleaned from UK graphic designers. What makes this collection stand out from all the rest is the sheer diversity of works.

Vector files for art, logos, backgrounds and feature art

On setting out to create this collection, Ingram first canvassed designers, graphic artists and web professionals for their ultimate vector 'wish list'. The result is a collection comprising over 5000 entirely new files chosen for their novelty, usability and capacity to inspire.

modify these files, pull out elements or use as is

These versatile files can be used for everything from website design, vehicle graphics, flash movies and even billboards. All of the files are in Illustrator 8 EPS format and many are vinyl ready where appropriate. Plus, all of the graphics are fully editable and can be scaled to ANY SIZE without losing quality.

highly detailed elements make the difference between amateur and professionally drawn vector art

Many files utilize transparency and special effects you can learn from Louis Ingram said,

quoting We are pleased to release this latest DVD of artwork comprised of the finest vectors available ... It is our hope that this product proves to be a great addition to our offerings and is as popular with our clients as our earlier Design Elements and Illustration collections. end quote

At the left, you see an example of one of the files that leverage Adobe Illustrator's special effects like transparency. In the collection you'll find literally hundreds of examples where the full array of Illustrator tools provides striking visual techniques. (detail)

useful elements can be pulled from full layouts -- or used as is

The collection has dozens of striking full-page layouts, and then variations on those images. Remember, you can scale these to any size from a match-book cover to city bus wraps! Some of the gradients found in the backgrounds alone are worth the price of the entire collection!

typography layouts save hundreds of hours in creating striking layouts Check out this typography layout. This is just one from many in the collection that would normally take you hours and hours to work out. This would make an ideal background for an annual report or brochure. Darken it for a web page background. Take strips from it for header and footer graphic elements in your publication. Just about every piece of art in the collection is tastefully created and offers incredible flexibility. If you size in Illustrator, then import into Photoshop, you can then further colorize using the Hue/Saturation functions to match your color scheme! Lots of possibilities here.

hundreds of different styles and finishings make this collection ultimately usable

Buttons, boxes, rules, splines, discs, orbs, geometrics, panels, orfaces, blocks, tags, plates, bangles, braids, foliage, landscapes, animals, tshirts, road maps, signs, elements, objects, tools, hands, corners, footers, bars, glass, brass, steel, silver -- and did we say people? Wow, people and more people -- this collection seriously has just about everything for anybody. If you're a web developer, you need this collection just for the web elements! If you're an illustrator or commercial artist, the collection abounds with highly usable elements that save time and make money!

hundreds of logos

Logo Samples? You need logos ... ???
I forgot to mention -- the collection offers a huge assortment of potential business cards, stationary, signs, billboards, and all manner of marking -- you'll go crazy before you see all the potential logos and logo elements in the collection. Don't even try. (Detail)

This is quite possibly the one collection in the past decade that really offers true value. Yes, it's fairly pricey -- but if you shuffle a lot of art through your shop, or need those few all-important cameo pieces, I believe you can bill out and pay for this collection very quickly. The Graphic Elements and Illustration collection comes as a double disc DVD set and is compatible with both MAC and PC. But don't take my word for it. Go see the entire collection at And, you can tell them Fred sent you!

Thanks for reading

Fred Showker

If you're paying attention, just look in the Publishers' Warehouse Loading Dock for a brief selection of full samples from this collection -- Thank you Shauna Scott for granting permission to give away a few samples!

ABOUT INGRAM PUBLISHING - Founded in 1995, Ingram Publishing is the premium supplier of European focused imagery. The collections are comprised of royalty free images, vector (EPS) files, and fonts. Ingram Publishing is based in London, United Kingdom and has direct sales from this office in six languages in nine European countries.

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