Brick and Mortar Dying While Digital is Flying

by Staff

Tech Expert Karl Volkman of Chicago's SRV Network With digital e-readers taking over the publishing world, the past several years have been all but detrimental to bookstores. Barnes & Noble's latest announcement to cut a third of their stores over the next decade doesn't come as a surprise, but it certainly solidifies the death of the paperback. Tech expert Karl Volkman of Chicago's SRV Network, Inc., weighs in on the future of brick and mortar bookstores.

Volkman says

Quoting  begins We're obviously seeing a hefty decline of retail bookstores based on the e-reader push over the past few years . . . Consumers want a cost effective, portable, and easy-to-use way to read their books. There's not going to be an easy way for Barnes & Noble or any bookstore to stick around without changing its business model. Quoting  ends

Barnes and Nobels Mitchell Klipper, head of Barnes & Noble's retail stores, shared the company's plans to close several hundred stores over the next decade, taking it from 689 retail stores to a more modest 450 to 500 stores. Preceding the announcement, Barnes & Noble saw a decline in sales at its bookstores and online store over the holidays, as well as a drop in share price in January.

Volkman continues . . .

Quoting  begins It may be bad for bookstore business, but the digital revolution brings with it a forefront of new opportunities ... We are seeing the options expand, from digital access to library books to e-readers with enhanced features and improved display and memory space. These developments will continue to push the envelope in the publishing industry. Quoting  ends

Karl_Volkman Karl Volkman, the Chief Technology Officer of SRV Network, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, is an IT Professional with over 30 years of experience. Prior to his position at SRV Network, Karl was the Director of Technology for the New Lenox School District 122 in Illinois, the Chief Information Officer of the Habitat Company in Chicago, and the Manager of Networks & Communications for John Nuveen and Company. Karl's certifications include HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Adtran, Objectworld, and Cymphonix. His capabilities include IT Management, Planning and Technician, Telecomm Technician, Programmer, DBA, and Technology Instruction.

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About SRV Network, Inc: SRV Network, Inc. is Microsoft Gold Certified partner that offers a variety of IT services, including a variety of flexible service packages that meet any client requirement, from as-needed technical help to intensive, regular on-site work. They work with all technology platforms and have a broad expertise in a wide variety of technology solutions. They specialize in Network Design and Implementation, Network Maintenance and Monitoring, Disaster Recovery and Prevention and IP Telephony. Please visit for more information.

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