21 awesome illustration insights for Spring & Play from the Richard Solomon Agency

by Staff

AMAZING There is a big difference between good illustration and great illustration. For an illustration to achieve the highest level of communication it must first evoke a mood, then tell a story, and finally leave a lasting message. All of these illustrations achieve that goal. We're truly inspired that Richard Solomon has given us permission to spotlight these illustrators in the Design Center Gallery. The Richard Solomon Artists Representative firm has been around for more than 20 years, and has gathered the best visual talent in the world! So, sit back and enjoy the slide show of spectacular illustrations for spring!
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11-CF-Payne 12-mark-summers 13-Ted-Wright
CF-Payne mark-summers Ted-Wright
14-Goni-Montes 15-Paul-Cox 16-Niklas-Asker
Goni-Montes Paul-Cox Niklas-Asker
17-rudy-gutierrez 18-Tran-Nguyen 19-Dongyun-Lee
rudy-gutierrez Tran-Nguyen Dongyun-Lee
20-Guy-Stauber 21-Michal-Dziekan 22-James-Bennett
Guy-Stauber Michal-Dziekan James-Bennett
23-Johnson 24-Manchess 25-Mattos
Johnson Manchess Mattos
26-Bower 27-Smith 28-Maidagan
Bower Smith Maidagan
29-Bill-Sanderson 30-Kimber1 31-Eric-Drooker
Bill-Sanderson Kimber 31-Eric-Drooker

These illustrators represent some of the best in the world. If you liked a talent, hire them, or at least appreciate that illustrator at setting a goal to achieve.

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