Marketing Update : visual content, QR codes, email etiquette and Facebook is Throttling Marketers

by Fred Showker

Marketing update for graphic designers Now we're on the marketing path to summer, travel, vacations and guess what: back to school! Most marketers are looking at least 6-months to a year ahead. Some, are looking a year or more ahead. Let's take a look at this week's marketing update :
[*] Lights, Camera, Action: 9 Tips for Creating a Compelling Online Video
[*] Proper and Improper Use of QR Codes: 10 Great Examples of Each
[*] The 5 most important elements of your association's brand
[*] Don’t learn email etiquette the hard way - Suzanne Mason
[*] 5 Tips for Working KPIs Into Your Measurement Strategy
[*] Facebook is Throttling Marketers for Their Own Good
[*] You and the Buzzword de Jour: Content Marketing
[*] Creating visual content for social marketing
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Creating visual content for social marketing

In an increasingly noisy and crowded digital landscape, marketers have to use visuals to stand out from the immense competition.
      Blogs were the first form of networking online where people/companies/brands would post content in order to be found. The world then moved onto Facebook, where our content became shorter. Then microblogs like Twitter came along, and our content became even shorter to 140 characters.
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Proper and Improper Use of QR Codes: 10 Great Examples of Each

Designed as a high-tech marketing resource, QR (quick response) codes have many useful applications. These (usually) black-and-white algorithmic codes are gateways to a potential multimedia nirvana. When used correctly, QR codes are marketing marvels.
      In the world of QR codes, however, the sublime often coexists alongside the ridiculous.
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Facebook is Throttling Marketers for Their Own Good

The words “1%” and “Facebook” tend to come together with scary consequences for Marketers. Last year, we learned only 1% of Facebook page “fans” engage with the brands they have liked. This year, we’re learning Facebook is driving toward a day when only 1% of brand’s posts organically reach their audiences. For Facebook and for companies that optimize ads the way we do, this is a potential mixed blessing, as brands will need to pay-to-play if they want to stay relevant on the platform. Facebook’s inclination toward profitability will force marketers to jump ship or get smarter about ad optimization and even more clever with the creative they post.
      Creative posted to Facebook will need better messaging and better targeting EdgeRank used to allow more content through to audiences, which meant each message could find an audience to share it. The narrower the audience gets, the more personalized the creative will need to be. This provides an incentive to target customer segments with creative content specific to them in order to induce sharing. For brands not looking to target as closely, the content published will need to be relevant and resonant with any 1% selection of their audience.
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The 5 most important elements of your association's brand

We spend a disproportionate amount of time on our association’s brand look. We review iteration after iteration of a re-imagined logo. Every year we agonize over the conference look – location-based or theme-based? We tinker with website design. Look is critically important but so are the other elements of your brand.
      When was the last time you thought about your association’s publications and content, and then carefully considered the following: Product ~ Promise ~ Look ~ Voice ~ Story
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Lights, Camera, Action: 9 Tips for Creating a Compelling Online Video

You don't have to be Steven Spielberg to make videos that help you market your business. These 9 tips can help you produce videos that pop.
      1. Know your goals 2. Set your inner child free 3. Loosen up 4. Think visually 5. Get equipped 6. Hire help 7. Set a budget 8. Tell a story 9. Make the most of it.
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You and the Buzzword de Jour: Content Marketing

At a recent Association Media & Publishing seminar, Creating a Compelling Content Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Association, I had the opportunity to chat with a few attendees as we sipped coffee and settled in for the day. I asked two ladies, colleagues at a Chicago-area association, about the role that they play in their own association’s content marketing. They looked at each other and giggled. Apparently, they just recently found out that the jobs they’ve been doing for years — that of developing and disseminating valuable information — is now known as content marketing.
      When the instructor takes the stage and asks the audience if they know what content marketing is, attendees tend to sheepishly avoid eye contact. The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as "a technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience — with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” Like the ladies above, many AM&P members are creating content with the goals of growing membership, increasing event registration, selling books, and more — who knew that had a name?
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Don’t learn email etiquette the hard way 0 COMMENTS Suzanne Mason

Recently, a marketing professional came under fire when her nasty email response via LinkedIn to a job-seeker went viral. And we can all learn an important lesson about email etiquette from this case.
      Diana Mekota sent an introduction email of herself along with her professional experience and education over to Kelly Blazek, who runs an online job bank for marketing professionals in Cleveland. Mekota asked Blazek to join her member jobs list, and here is just a small bit of Blazek's email response:
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5 Tips for Working KPIs Into Your Measurement Strategy

A major step in developing a PR measurement strategy is to define key performance indicators. KPIs will provide insight about which metrics to follow. That, in turn, will keep you from being overwhelmed with data that you simply have no use for. KPIs also help you narrow down the data you do collect into concise statistics that can demonstrate to management how you are using your PR efforts to grow the business.
      Here is a quick list of key points to remember about KPIs.
* Define success.
* Avoid the measurement meltdown cycle.
* Analyze results with a human touch.
* Refine strategy.
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