DTG News for May 2012

by Fred Showker

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 22, #5 ~ May, 2012

  1. MAY Colors Flowers
  2. May Color Madness
  3. Photoshop Color, Madness too
  4. Illustrator Tutorial: Vectoring wedding rings
  5. Adobe Creative Suite 6
  6. News item: CES Call for Speakers
  7. Creative Storytelling
  8. Real-Time Lightning Photography
  9. CREATIVE Tidbits & Updates
  10. Marketing Update : Ramping for May Day
  11. How is your online reputation?
  12. Output Factory Light for Adobe InDesign
  13. Make awesome photo collages
  14. Invoicing for Humans, and their Macs
  15. PhoozL IQ - Learning Photography App
  16. Popular 3D Design App for iPad Now on Mac
  17. May art nouveau
  18. Getting Ready for June & "Design Vacation"

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MAY Colors Flowers

Our Spring Color content keeps on rolling! Be sure to send in your favorite colors or color palette and win a prize! Enjoy all the spring color, and don't forget Mothers' Day!

May Color Madness

Yes, now you can have a million palettes in the palm of your hand, we have to call this edition COLOR MADNESS! We love all those spring colors -- and utilities for graphic design, web design and creative communications ... we love these color utilities

Photoshop Color, Madness too

Here we are with yes, the NEXT edition of this year's color spring
. . . let's have some fun with these :
* How to make a color palette in Photoshop Elements
* ColoRotate, you can work with colors in 3D
* Rainbow Photoshop Madness By Kitty Bitty
* Custom Skin Tone Palette by `ShoneGold
* ColorExplorer Palettes from Photos
* Moorea Seal : plums and oranges
* Digital Portraits and more ... Photoshop Color, Madness too

Illustrator Tutorial: Vectoring wedding rings

Here's an extensive tutorial from Adrian at Vector Pack that utilizes many of Adobe Illustrator's functions that you may need some practice on -- including optimizing compound objects! We thought the subject matter is appropriate for this season too! Enjoy ... Illustrator Tutorial: Vectoring wedding rings

Adobe Creative Suite 6

Well, you've waited about 18 months since paying for CS5, now you're itching to get your hands on the CS6 package, all 3,000,000 of you have saved up several hundred to a thousand bucks for this, so here you go. Pig out! Adobe Systems has announced Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CS6 Extended software ... Adobe Creative Suite 6

News item: CES Call for Speakers

The International CES® has announced its 'Call for Speakers' for the 2013 International CES®, the world’s most important technology event, which returns to Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8-11, 2013. ... News item: CES Call for Speakers

Creative Storytelling

If you're in a creative block, here's the answer to flesh out ideas into e-cards, storyboards, and animation projects. With enhanced audio capabilities and upgraded stamp features, your digital story books or short-length animated films that will grab the attention of a wider audience. ... Creative Storytelling

Real-Time Lightning Photography

Did you ever try to photograph lightning? Tough, eh? It was actually easier in the days before digital cameras. Now it's all but impossible with today's photo-enabled phones and cameras. iLightningCam enables everyone to take spectacular real lightning pictures with full photo resolution with an iPhone. ... Real-Time Lightning Photography

CREATIVE Tidbits & Updates

We found these inspirational stories in the creative circles and wanted to pass them along!
* Motion in Air : Mike Campau creates visual images with digital magic
* Richard Hollis, whom they told should be a graphic designer ...
* Next is Visual Overload at the Book Cover Archive, and then
* some absolutely Wonderful Calligraphy shown through video!
* A Retro-Cool Beer Brand That Embraces Graphic Design
* The One Girl Calendar is a spectacular piece of work
* Graphic Design students to South Africa, and visit
* join Nada Hakeem in search of the perfect shot!
* Designers who are rebelling against technology
* How to run a successful web design company?
* Certifying Graphic Designers in Canada
* Valentino's Logo Folio CREATIVE Tidbits & Updates

Marketing Update : Ramping for May Day

Springtime is sometimes considered the 'ramp' season for new campaigns and advertising blitzes -- coming out of the winter doldrums, with tax season past, consumers may be ready to start spending as summer approaches. So, let's fire up the marketing machine and get going! In this issue of DTG Marketing Update:
* Give Your Dashboard a Makeover: 8 Email Metrics That Count
* Everything Email Marketers Need to Know About Sender Score
* Integrating social media in direct marketing campaigns
* How to Take Real Advantage of LinkedIn Company Pages
* A guide to brand building on Pinterest and Tumblr
* SEO for public relations: A step-by-step guide
* Study: Email is more popular than social media
* 5 Ways to Reinvent the Press Release With SEO
* Facebook gives marketers a new set of tools
* 5 PR skills you won't learn in a classroom
* Use email to re-engage sleepy subscribers
* Surprise: Marketers want more Google+
* Put an to End Meaningless PR Metrics
* Direct mail: Send green, save green
* It's Not You, It's Outlook
* Trying a simple model
... and more ... Marketing Update : Ramping for May Day

How is your online reputation?

New Nielsen statistics find that online reviews are widely trusted by consumers~~and that level of consumer trust is always increasing. In light of this, businesses need the services of companies that will help you manage your reputation now more than ever. As online reviews gain prominence, reputation management becomes essential. How is your online reputation?

Output Factory Light for Adobe InDesign

With the rising spector of CS6 blood money, we can be sure our wallets will be getting a lot lighter soon. You can counteract that huge swoosh of money to Adobe's account by using your current InDesign (CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, and CS5) for productive and powerful design -- with this plug-in, still a little more profitable too! Output Factory Light for Adobe InDesign

Make awesome photo collages

You can put your photos together in your own -- or, check out this new app that helps you use gorgeous photo filters to create your own customizable layouts, including 36 presets, and more. Make awesome photo collages

Invoicing for Humans, and their Macs

This is called "Invoicing for humans" because we know creative people have a thing against billing -- yet really need to keep up with the revenue stream. This Mac app is created to make invoicing workflow easy and quick. It includes elegant document template, clients and products databases and is EU VAT regulations and sales tax compliant ... Invoicing for Humans, and their Macs

PhoozL IQ - Learning Photography App

Now there's an iPad version of the innovative quiz app -- PhoozL IQ! It's a fun, quiz-type game that allows photo enthusiasts of all levels to test their photo knowledge while learning more about photography. If you think you already know it all, just try to see if you can get through the Pro version! PhoozL IQ - Learning Photography App

Popular 3D Design App for iPad Now on Mac

Interesting now that iPad apps are being ported to the Mac! Wow! Like Verto Studio 3D, the full-featured, 3D modeling app originally created for iPad. Powerful enough for professionals doing mobile 3D content creation and easy enough for beginners! But it does require Lion!

May art nouveau

Several new areas have opened in the Publishers' Warehouse, and in honor of May and Mothers' Day, the warehouse doc has three full collections of art, clip and reference resources from the Art Nouveau era. Of course if you're a subscriber, you already know how to get there! LOL May art nouveau in the Publishers' Warehouse

Getting Ready for June & "Design Vacation"

I want to thank everyone for participating in this month's issue, the more creative input we get, the more benefits everyone will get out of it! During June and July, many people head out on vacation. And, as you'd expect, many will 'take along' a little bit of the office or work to catch up on. They'll be taking their mobile devices, iPads and so forth, so, in June our topic will be "DESIGN VACATION" where we'll all share ideas for
* Recommend books for designers on vacation?
* Recommend places for a "Design Vacation"
* Designers: how do you take care of clients when you're on vacation?
* Designers: Favorite "Vacation" designs you've done
* Well designed Vacation, travel or destination publications
So share your suggestions, and perhaps you'll win some of our great prizes!

Happy MAY, and ... don't forget Mother's day. Perhaps you should call her right now.

Thanks for reading... go forth and be creative

Fred Showker
Editor / Publisher

Parting words: on the subject of CREATIVITY...

    "What would life be if we had no courage
      to attempt anything different?"
          Vincent Van Gogh

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