Dozens of Actions will automate your most used operations to streamline your life

by Fred Showker

 TastyApps announces Vortex 1.3 Vortex 1.3, on the Mac, gets a new streamlined stable interface and more customizing options. Vortex brings a new level productivity to the Mac. Dozens of Actions for the things you do most are instantly available via Drag N Drop or shortcut keys. You can quickly convert image or audio files, translate text or emails, add images and files to emails, compress or uncompress archives, and uninstall applications.

With Vortex you can locate and download music and video files, and TV episodes on the internet, manage your pasteboard history ...and the list goes on! You can customize Vortex for optimum efficiency and Vortex also integrates with our other TastyApps making them even easier to use. By default, Vortex installs to launch on Startup and puts a Vortex button in your tray and a Vortex icon on your Dock. It sits quietly waiting for you to call it to action. Vortex is extremely easy to use and can be called to Action in different ways.

Vortex You can select files, folders, or text and invoke Vortex from the Tray icon or the Dock icon - or simply drag and drop your selection onto the Vortex icon on your Dock. You can also just right click on a selection and the popup menu will include a Vortex option. Vortex can be called up using Keystroke combos that you can enable. And you can enable an Action Zone on your screen that will invoke Vortex when files, folders, or text are dragged to that area.

Whatever method is used, when Vortex is called it knows what Actions are available for the selection and you simply click on the desired Action... Vortex will do the rest.

Vortex has dozens of Actions available and some file types will have many Action options. Vortex allows you to choose what Actions to display for each file type. By default Vortex only displays the most common Actions but you can enable or disable Actions that display on the Action screen. All actions have keyboard shortcut keys, and, whether displayed or not, all Actions are always available using the keyboard shortcut keys.

Vortex can be used to convert video or audio files to other formats, and it can also strip audio from video files. Vortex can download videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion simply by dragging and dropping the complete URL or by using Keystroke commands. You can also download songs from GrooveShark, and you can search for and download TV episodes and songs on the internet using a simple text query.

Word documents, Open Office documents, and text files can be converted to other formats, including PDF files, with a single click. You can also select text from documents or websites and drop it onto Vortex to search in Google, Wikipedia, Bing, Google Maps. You can translate text or emails using GoogleTranslate or have the selected text spoken aloud.

Vortex remembers the last 10 items; files, folders, text or image, added to your Pasteboard and allows you to chose which item to use, providing increased efficiency when cutting and pasting for on the fly formatting and editing. And Vortex gives you instant access to the Vortex Command Center for general system commands, such as: Shut Down, Logout, Reboot, Sleep.

Check out the Vortex Tutorial to see what Vortex can do for you.

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