Illustrator and Photoshop Colorful Balls Text Effect for the holidays or any time

by Ainsley Bevis

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Photoshop : Decorate your type with bubbles and globes

To add in some finishing touches to the text effect, create a new document in photoshop with the size of your choice with a white background (I’m using 700×400 pixels). Double click on the background layer to unlock, then again to go into Blending Options and put in the Gradient Overlay below:


9. Create a new layer and select a fairly large soft edged brush. Using the same colours as the colorful balls, draw on some colourful spots around the canvas and set the Opacity to 10%.


10. Open the Text Effect Illustrator document and copy/paste the text onto the canvas. To make the text smaller press CTRL+T and drag the top corner down while holding down the Shift Key (to keep the image perfect).


11. Double click on the text effect layer to go into Blending options and put in the following Outer Glow.


12. Duplicate the text layer by dragging it to the new layer icon, press CTRL+T and flip the duplicate layer down for the reflection.


13. Click on Add Mask Layer to place a mask on the duplicate text. While on the mask layer, select a soft edged black brush & erase the bottom of the text. Make the Opacity 14% to finish off the reflection.


14. Create a new layer & select a 2 px solid white brush. Hold down the Shift Key and draw a vertical & horizontal line. Place a Mask over the layer like in step 13 and erase the edges of the white lines over a light glare for a nice light effect. Duplicate the light lines and place them over a couple of other light glare areas. If you want to rotate a layer press CTRL+T and rotate an edge.


Final Result


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