Illustrator Drawing: Art tools

by Ainsley Bevis

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drawing of art supplies1. Create the Pencil

Create a new document that's 500 X 600. Create a pencil shape using the pen tool with the color #f5ab1e.

Refer to this diagram, which will walk you through a simple way of making a perfect shape for the pencil, and then go to step 2 for the flat panels for the body before you rotate it into position.

  1. draw a rectangle
  2. add point in center of the side path
  3. drag that new anchor point out to form the point,

2. Create the body of the pencil: Draw 3 rectangle shapes which make up the body of the pencil. Put a gradient on each of them using the colors in this diagram.
It will be easier to accomplish this series of operations building the pencil BEFORE rotating it to an angle.

  • draw a short rectangle over the existing pencil
  • Tap 'A' for the hollow pointer and select the end path (Anchors should look hollow) and DELETE to open the end of the rectangle
  • Use the Pen tool to now connect the open anchors with a curve.
  • Duplicate that shape two times (Click, option/alt, drag duplicates the shape)
  • Select all three, and use the scale tool to vertically scale the three shapes to match the pencil rectangle behind the shapes.
  • Continue to the next section for the metal ferrule and eraser. Don't rotate yet.

Create the metal ferrule

3. Create the metal ferrule: Draw the metal part of the pencil with the another rectangle. Choose a stroke that's 0.24 with the color #636363. Make the gradient #b9b9b9 and #fcfcfc.

  • Use the rectangle tool (tap 'M') to draw the metal ferrul
  • Double-click the gradient tool and set thet colors and angle as shown above, left
  • Tap 'M' again, which should activate the round-corner rectangle tool (Or use the tool's pull-out to select the round-corner rectangle)
  • Drage out a skinny rectangle as shown, then option/alt, click, drag to duplicate it.

4. Create the eraser using the same technique as above, except set up your gradient as shown, and set to a slight angle -- as above, right. Make the gradient color #5b0405 & #fe9fba. Be sure to send the eraser's round-rectangle to the BACK so only half of it shows.

wood, lead and tip gradients

5. Create sharpened wood Next draw this section of the pencil with the pen tool and make it a gradient with the colors #e8e0d2 and #f6bc62. Put a a stroke of 0.25 pixels with the color #383735. (left above)

6. Draw the lead tip of the pencil using the pen tool with a gradient of dark black to grey. (center above)

7. Draw the wood grain: Draw some pattern on this part of the pen. Choose a brown color and make the transperancy 23% opacity. (right above)

Depending on experimentation, and options, your finished pencil could look something like this, once rotated into position.

the finished pencil.

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