Illustrator, Photoshop Easter Collage

by Ainsley Bevis

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Easter Bunny

7. Using the Ellipse Tool, draw 2 shapes like below. Select the 2 shapes and click on the Merge or Unite icon in Pathfinder.

Photoshop tutorial

8. Next draw a circle using the Ellipse Tool. Select the Direct Selection Tool and click on the circle. Click on the Top anchor point to select it, then again and drag it down to make a nose.

Photoshop tutorial

9. With the Ellipse Tool, draw the eyes, and with the Line Tool (Fill: None, Stroke: Black 2pt), hold down the Shift Key and draw the first mouth section.

10. Draw 2 shapes like below with the ellipse tool, select the 2 shapes and click on the Minus Front icon in Pathfinder to create a smiley mouth. Place the shape over the easter rabbit.

Photoshop tutorial

11. Next draw the rabbit ears with the Ellipse Tool. Rotate the shapes by clicking on the shapes with the Selection Tool and rotating.

Photoshop tutorial

12. Place the ear onto the bunny and duplicate the ear for the other other.

13. Now you should have all the Easter shapes ready.

Photoshop tutorial

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