Record an action in Photoshop

by Staff

Actions can save you tons of time and misery by automating tasks in Photoshop -- in this tutorial, use the Actions panel to record, play, edit, and delete individual actions. You also use the Actions panel to save and load action files. First, you'll open the Actions panel and open the additional files you'll be using.
This free chapter is from Adobe Photoshop CS4 Classroom in a Book

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On April 29th, Anonymous said:

nice artical ... you guys rock!

I'd like to see more related articals, and have bookmarked this site!

On March 29th, John Smith said:

That's like an awesome trick!
Thanks for sharing this, I'm gonna create actions and see how it comes along.

On April 13th, Xandy said:

YYBWMB It's spooky how ceelvr some ppl are. Thanks!

On August 19th, Tony said:

Thanks for sharing this, could save me lots of time.

On September 13th, Hypop said:

Thanks for the amazon link, in fact I am looking for automated tasks in Photoshop. I agree with you, they reduce most of your time.

On November 1st, Prohormones for sale said:

It is good too read your site again!, i see some interesting updates here.. and also have seen a number of pieces on automation over in the forums.

On November 27th, miko said:

Yeah... that's feature help me a lot :)