iPhone 3D Programming

What does it take to build an iPhone app with stunning 3D graphics? "iPhone 3D Programming" will show you how to apply OpenGL graphics programming techniques to any device running the iPhone OS June 17, 2010

iPhone App Development

Ready to create your own iPhone app? This book walks you through the entire iPhone app development process. You'll learn how to download the tools, build the app, successfully navigate Apple's approval process May 31, 2010

iPhone Apps: No C or Cocoa

It's a fact: if you know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you already have the tools you need to develop your own iPhone apps -- a huge market now emerging! May 31, 2010

Domain-Driven Design

This book shows application developers how Naked Objects can deliver working prototypes to test ideas and see them rendered in a generic viewer, such as a rich client or HTML. April 21, 2010

Beginning Mac Programming

140,000 applications in Apple's App Store - learn how to code in Objective-C, the programming language behind Apple applications April 19, 2010