Creative Tidbits #188: More designing women and inspiration

by Fred Showker

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  • New Cleveland Browns Logo 'Uninspired, Boring': A Graphic Designer's Take
  • Graphic designer, eh? More or less creatively satisfying
  • Sewickley painter turns hobby into successful career
  • UCF exhibit illustrates art's healing power
  • No One Takes Graphic Designers Seriously
  • Grab a set of SIX great wood textures
  • ... and more on the way!

Grab a set of SIX great wood textures

graphic design creative inspiration Although this site calls it "vintage" wood textures, this set of six high quality aged wood textures is pretty good. They say "use with your vintage style designs"
      lol ... a lot of people don't know what "vintage" is except "old".
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Sewickley painter turns hobby into successful career

graphic design creative inspiration Artist Claire Hardy may be a southern California native, but you would never know it based on her oil paintings depicting Pittsburgh's industrial past.
      Hardy, a Sewickley artist who paints mostly still-life images, moved to Pittsburgh in 2001 from New Mexico, where her paintings of big blue skies sold out in Santa Fe galleries. But one of her favorite types of scenes to paint is anything depicting an old Pittsburgh steel mill, along with scenic visions from the region's rivers and hills.
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Graphic designer, eh? More or less creatively satisfying

graphic design creative inspiration More than once, you’ve referred to “hipsters” and “graphic design” jobs. Is there some sort of mystical connection between hipsters and Photoshop that I didn’t get the memo on? Is that the only job suitable for hipsters other than yourself?
      Long ago, in the dark age of hipsterdom, hipsters with inclinations toward the visual arts lived impoverished lives, emulating the way of the starving artist as they vied for gallery spaces. The hipsters of olden times labored in vain, for no gallery owners would showcase ironic collages of video-game art, pog sculptures of the Virgin Mary, or lithographs of celebrities encased in bacon.
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UCF exhibit illustrates art's healing power

graphic design creative inspiration For some, time heals all wounds. For others, the secret is art. "Emerging from the Shadow" is this year's theme for the annual Healing Art Exhibition displayed at UCF's Counseling & Psychological Services.
      Put together by CAPS, the College of Visual Arts and Design and Student Disability Services, the presentation serves to highlight mental health and the healing ability of creative pursuits.
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New Cleveland Browns Logo 'Uninspired, Boring': A Graphic Designer's Take

graphic design creative inspiration Love it or hate it, the new Cleveland Browns logo is here, and Twitter is blowing up with mostly negative reviews.
      A lot of cool fan-designed logos surfaced on the internet prior to the the new log’s unveiling, while the Browns probably paid big money to have their shade of orange darkened (reminds me of the orange from the 1980s) and a brown face mask added
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No One Takes Graphic Designers Seriously

Hollywood thinks graphic designers are idiots. Or at least that's the impression you get from this supercut by Ellen Mercer and Lucy Streule, graphic design students at Central Saint Martins in London. The video stitches together TV and film clips of characters deriding the profession.
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