Creative Tidbits #191: inspiration, typography, gallery, Paul Rand

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Creative tidbits

Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration The spring represents some special interests for graphic designers -- end of school, beginning of the summer buy and travel wave. Here are some starters to get your creative juices flowing :

  • Pentagram's New School Rebrand: Best Thing Ever Or Unbearable Monstrosity?
  • Perfect archives for collage artists, designers and collectors
  • "Happy Town" by Katsumi Tamura wins Golden A' Design Award
  • New Photography Acquisitions at Georgia O'Keeffe Museum
  • TypeTalk: How Good Typography Can Help Your Job Search
  • UVU arts grads present final projects showcase
  • Vordik Designer Spotlight: Damian Watracz
  • Exhibit shows art of design legend
  • Putting a typeface to the name
  • ... and more !

Putting a typeface to the name

Creative inspiration for Spring In the late 90s, Yale's visual identity had a case of multiple personality disorder. Yale's branding—seen on everything from its admissions brochures to its signs to its official stationery—was extremely disjointed.
      There was, and still is, only one person in charge of crafting and maintaining Yale's brand: the University Printer. At the time, this person was Greer Allen, a designer who firmly believed that each department deserved a brand unto its own—unique colors, typefaces, icons, and all. Allen thought the variety of visual marks reflected the intellectual diversity of the university.
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UVU arts grads present final projects showcase

Creative inspiration for Spring Virtually all media types fill two joint exhibitions at Woodbury Art Museum's largest opening of the year with the annual "Bachelor of Fine Arts Final Project" and "Student Art Show" exhibits.
      More than 380 student artists submitted works for the show, but approximately 140 pieces made it in the juried showcase. First place for the "Student Art Show" awarded $300 cash to the winning artist, Annalee Morris with "Cosmic Terra" in acrylic.
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TypeTalk: How Good Typography Can Help Your Job Search

Creative inspiration for Spring Karl Heine, principal and solutionist of creativeplacement with offices in CT and NY, knows what it takes for creatives to nab that perfect job.
      One important element that most employers are looking at is a candidate's typography skills.
DT&G Creative Update Full story : Ilene Strizver,

Exhibit shows art of design legend

Creative inspiration for Spring The Museum of the City of New York is currently showcasing Paul Rand's works under the title "Everything is Design: The Work of Paul Rand," a name that not only describes his art, but also the artist's life philosophy.
      An art director, illustrator and graphic designer, Rand was a legendary designer between the 1930s to 1990s, when he reinvented branding by innovating the brand designs and logos of famous corporate brands such as UPS and IBM.
DT&G Creative Update Full story : Rebecca Jane Brown, Contributing Writer, Washington Square News
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