Stock Photos of Typography

by Fred Showker

Stock photography with a typography twist from Deposit Photography

Stock photographyDURING OUR FONTS FEST, we get tons of inquiries from developers asking if they can be included. Usually, all submissions have to be in by the end of August -- and the content has to relate directly to fonts, type, typography and the general theme for the months. We get a lot of inquiries from font developers wanting to show their wares, basically as advertising for their fonts, but without adding any real value in terms of content. Without sponsoring or contributing content, we generally don't just run raw promotional material.

stock photography In this case, Natali Grin from Deposit Photos wrote in to ask if she could send out some graphics. Okay, I said, and I took a look at their collections. For a stock photography house, I was pleasantly surprised at how many images they have on "typography." That certainly relates, so I asked if she would let DTG readers download some samples. Again the answer was yes. doesn't just have photos. They've got all kinds of graphics and graphic compositions. We quickly and easily pulled up a search for typography and found a playground of cool images -- both graphic and photographic. "Halloween" pulled up a similar collection of good shots.

Cool Typography Images

The following are just a few of our favorites. You can see that some of the collections offer good theme potential, with various configurations all sharing the same subject matter, look and feel.

Subscribers to the DTG Newsletter, and to the Publishers' Warehouse can download the large versions of these samples, courtesy of Deposit Photos and DTG.

Depositphotos_2209504_S Depositphotos_2980246_S
Depositphotos_3623092_S Depositphotos_3598828_S
Depositphotos_3654718_S Depositphotos_3247732_S
Depositphotos_3502991_S Depositphotos_3529789_S
Depositphotos_3529793_S Depositphotos_3529793_S(2)
Depositphotos_3643420_S Depositphotos_3497237_S
Depositphotos_3079041_S Depositphotos_3255681_S
Depositphotos_3255691_XS Depositphotos_3540863_S

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Fred Showker

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